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As the fall season has ended, the brown and orange leaves disappear and a cold chill invites its way in your area. That is, if you reside in an area where winter weather is guaranteed every year. For those of you who are fortunate enough not to have winter weather, good for you. However, for those of us that do, and thatís most of us, we have to brace for the frigid and freezing temperatures as we make our way out the door to our various destinations.

We also have to brace ourselves for those humungous utility bills that we look forward to because of cranking up the heater in order to stay warm. Of course, most people dread getting those bills because they know that the amount is usually a whopper. This alone can cause a person major, major stress.

However, that stress factor can be temporary. One of the best ways to get those heating bills down is to winterize your home. Of course, the best time to do this is prior to the cold setting in. You want to be ready and prepared when that cold winds start to hit. By then, you will have everything in place to keep you and your family warm and save money at the same time.

What? ďSave MoneyĒ How can I save money when the heating bills continue to increase?...

This book, Winterizing Your Home (Simple Steps to Money Saving Ideas!), will show you how you can stay warm and save money at the same time! No more frustration over costly heating bills as you and your family try to stay warm during the winter season. Itís such a convenience to have heat in your home. However, when that bill comes, itís a totally different story. Sometimes you wish you could just burn it; but you know you have to give the utility company what is due to them for servicing your home with heat.

There are plenty of secrets and other tips in this book that can help you get and keep your moneyís worth. You will be amazed at the amount of money you can save while still keeping warm in your home.

In this book, you will discover:

  • How to conduct your own energy audit
  • How a professional energy audit is performed
  • How to seal air leaks
  • What a tankless water heater can do for your home
  • How to insulate a water heater
  • Where you can use window treatments
  • What caulking can do for your home
  • What weatherstripping can do for your home
  • How air sealing can decrease your heating bill
  • How you can benefit from a whole-house systems approach
  • How a barrier helps to keep heating costs down
  • The meaning of the R-value
  • Why the Federal Government requires R-value labels on all insulation products

And More!

Here is what you will learn inside this guide....

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How much is winterizing your home worth to you? I guess that is kind of a silly question; but so many utility companies are making money off of their customers. Now itís time for the customers to save money. By getting this book, you will be able to do just that. Donít allow them to take advantage of you. Ask questions and get more information. In fact, this book has all of the information that you need to start the process. Being able to save money is a lifelong goal for some people. Just think, the money that you do save can be put to use on something else, like paying off another bill.

I am sure there are fancier hardbacks out there on the market, however the information you will get inside this book is practical information that anyone can benefit from.

This guide is not for the rich or the poor, it is for anyone who wants to be able to better understand winterizing their home.

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