"Best Dog A Family Could Have"

"DUKE"; A wonderful and loving dog!
ABOUT DUKE: Duke loved to play Frisbee and couldn't wait to get in the car and go for a ride. He was great with children and protected our family at night. Duke, we will love and miss you always.

Duke Was Born In Phoenix AZ And Loved To Go To Hance Dog Park.
For More Information About Hance PH#: (602) 262-6011

Celebration Timeline For "Duke" Johnson
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Name Location Begin Date End Date Highlights
Born & Raised Phoenix AZ 2007 **** Meets Our Family
House Trained By Johnson Family 2008 2009 Learned To Swim
Protected Us Our Home, Phoenix AZ 2010 2016 Stopped Burglary
Learned Frisbee Phoenix AZ 2012 2014 Got First Frisbee
Retired Phoenix AZ 2016 ****

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